Friday, 28 January 2011

Web Gallery and Exhibition Brief.....

Introduction to the module:

This module is designed to give students the opportunity to promote themselves via an exhibition to showcase what they have achieved and learned over three years of studying.

Different areas of self promotion will be explored, such as interviewing techniques and how to show off work via a portfolio. The module culminates in an exciting degree show / exhibition which will be assessed. This will help to enhance confidence, expose work to public and and commercial critique and prepare the student when applying for work.

The module is assessed by coursework and a range of assignments.

Exhibition materials and sketchbook 60% (assessed as a group and individually)
-To plan, construct and implement an exhibit.
-Recognise and show rhythm and consistency in the composition of the presentation.
-Communicate effectively with others both verbally and graphically within an exhibition environment, also through the portfolio and when interviewed.

Portfolio materials and sketchbook 40% (assessed individually)
-Design a curriculum vitae and business card which can be used as evidence of engagement in Personal Development Planning.
-Recognise and show rhythm and consistency in the composition of the presentation.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    I'm pleased to know you find the topic of this class interesting and also, I'm glad that you enjoy exhibitions so much. Now, the point of this class is not only to enjoy them but to learn as much as you can from them in order to apply what you learn to your own exhibition. What I like about you enjoying exhibitions is that obviously you're receiving very clearly the message or the story that they are telling you. Use your sensitivity and your analitical ability to re-interpret (as Orozco would say) what already exists in them. Do it in your own personal way but with the main priority of not missing the main point of exhibition design: communication of the message.
    I think the concept you have is really strong, not only because of the graphic richness of it but because of the historic background and high level of identification people in this country have with it. Be sure of taking advantage of this and try to cover with your team the points we discussed today in the morning. This will be in order to prove feasibility of your concept and to get the message across to the group.

    See you soon,