Friday, 4 February 2011

Mood Board.....

I've started to collect a few images together to help inspire me with the themes.....

The underground map could be used as inspiration for a colour theme with a maps key giving the students name and allocating them with with a colour. A line could then be taped onto the floor to lead to thier work. The background of their work would also be colour coded.

Paint pots could be left to dry and made to look like the lines had been painted or just ran out of the pots.

Tube stations and slogans could also be used to continue the theming.

Another theme could be shapes......

Maybe a large cube supended from the ceiling with images printed onto each side? A large sphere could have images projected onto it distorting the images into intersting shapes.

Rich suggested an abstract design, that also be quite mind altering... Instead of just decorating the walls, you could do the ceiling and floor?


  1. Hi Paul,

    Please be sure to upload images in regards visual research and testing for your personal branding. Try the different options we talked about last class and be sure to add them to your blog. Also, be sure to mention what tasks did you assign to the people in your team and if they have worked on it.

    Please remember to have the selection of the 3 images for next Friday. I really need everyone to have them selected and ready in order to help the website team to upload them as soon as possible.

    See you on Friday,

  2. Thanks Mariana, will do.

    See you Friday.