Friday, 8 April 2011

Making the underground sign....

From the inception of the underground theme there were a couple of key pieces we wanted to include in the exhibitions themeing. One was the map box which is now complete and the other is an underground sign attached to a pillar. To manufacture the sign, I first cut some modelling foam to A3 size using the hot wire machine.

Thick glossy white paper was then taped to all the edges which would ensure the whole foam block was covered over once the signs were applied. Slots were machined on the drill to enable the velcro straps which we bought from B&Q to pass through.

Richard and I also shaped one end of the block to achieve an 11cm radius so it would correctly mate with the pillar.

We had the underground images printed on the thick glossyA3 paper by the media department and then applied to the front and back of the foam block with spraymount.

Velcro was used to secure the sign to the pillar so as not to damage it's paintwork.

We were pretty pleased with the result and it also looks quite professional.

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