Friday, 15 April 2011

What went well, and what didn't.....

Ok, nearing the end of the module, the blogs need to be handed in. We still have a few weeks before the exhibition though. What I felt went well...... For me, our biggest strength was teamworking. The graphics group gelled well despite taking on a stranger in the form of Sean Mills. The reasons our group worked well together were structure and teamwork. From the start I made the concious desicion to create a Graphics Team Blog that served as a way of assigning tasks and recording progress. From a personal point of view, I've really enjoyed the challenge of creating an exhibition and it's something quite close to my heart as I spend a lot of my spare time visiting exhibitions, museums and galleries. What didn't go well...... It's proving difficult extracting the finances fromk some members of the class. Only a few have in anyway contributed. One member of the Graphics Team rarely attended uni outside of the core lectures. This made communication with that person difficult.

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